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We are publishing a series of short reports based on the findings of this year's census over the next 5 weeks which will be made freely available to the market:

05 Sept 2011 - Data Center Investment & Growth 2011-2012 view

05 Sept 2011 - Data Center Development Index & Market Profiles view
12 Sept 2011 - Human Capital: Education vs. Experience View
19 Sept 2011 - Global Data Center Energy Demand Forecasting View
10  Oct 2011 - Technology Cycles and Cloud Demand View
15 Nov 2011 - Special Market Report: Data Centers in the United Kingdom View

11 April 2012 - The Australasian Data Center Market View

The Objective

The 2011 Data Center Industry Census was designed to be the largest ever comparative study of data center operators and end-users, in order to:

1. Provide statistically valid snapshots of scope and direction of the global data center industry as of July 2011.

2. Collect information from all sides of the industry (owners, operators, suppliers, vendors) and make that information available back to the industry.

3. Enable comparison between markets to track individual market development.

4. Create opportunity for the industry to come together and help raise money for a worthy global cause - the UNICEF Children’s Emergency fund

The Set-Up

The questions asked were developed after extensive consultation, and referencing 15,000+ questionnaires obtained from DatacenterDynamics events over the last five years.

The survey questions were available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.

Separate questions were asked of data center owners and operators and of vendors/suppliers into data center markets.


The Response

We achieved 5,400 interviews in total; 3,800 from data center owners and operators and 1,600 from suppliers/vendors.

Interviews came from over 70 countries with sufficient numbers for statistical analysis from 22 key markets and groups of markets.

The sample includes high level of representation of all major types and sizes of private and public organisation, of different facility profiles and of different respondent typologies (IT, FM, experienced/less experienced etc).


The Result

The Census enables us to:

1. Profile individual markets and sectors and to compare them against each other.

2. Describe key trends in the evolution of data center markets and the reasons behind those trends.

3. Find out how individuals from different backgrounds and jobs perceive new technologies and methodolgies.

4. Make a myriad of enquiries as to the nature of this rapidly growing industry sector.

Reproduction & Copyright Information
These graphics may be reproduced in full with acknowledgement of the source as ‘DatacenterDynamics Global Industry Census 2011’ for online or presentation purposes. Reproduction for the purposes of print publication is permitted only with the written permission of DatacenterDynamics

Legal Disclaimer
The information shown in this document has been derived from sample research. As with any sample survey the findings may not necessarily be representative of the attitudes or behaviours of the entire population from which the sample has been taken. DatacenterDynamics takes no liability for any actions or decisions taken wholly or in part on the basis of the data included herein.



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