Here's a selection of things that people have said about DatacenterDynamics:


This show has become my favorite regional data center industry event because of its unique single day format and for the quality of the content provided by its featured speakers (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a presenter). Many shows of this type turn into a commercial for the vendors that pay good money to sponsor the event. What sets DataCenterDynamics apart is that the event organizers demand that each presentation be consultative in nature. Additionally, they make every effort to review and comment on each presentation before the event. If you haven't attended this key data center industry event yet, I hope you'll get the chance to do so in the near future.

Peter Sacco
President PTS

"It's the show for datacenter managers."
Chris Stephens, Senior Business Manager, Communica

"(DCD) It's in the key cities where the decision makers are. We find the really busy people have no time to go to a week-long session, so it enbales people to get in, do some networking, see what is happening in the industry. It's a very effective use of their time...I know of no other trade show in the mission critical space that is as focused, and provides executives a time effective solution to become updated and network with their peers."
Dr Kenneth L.Uhlman ,Eaton, Director, Datacenter Business Development


I'm interested in meeting industry leaders and opinion leaders. It's been a fantastic conference and we haven't had a minute to ourselves…….We are at an inflexion point where things will dramatically change within the industry and it's exciting to be at a conference where you can see that happening.

Mark Bramfitt
Principal Programme Manager


"(DCD) is a great blend of suppliers and consumers of IT equipment. From a data center standpoint in particular there is a mix here of IT suppliers, traditional vendors and also facility providers and infrastructure providers, and so you get a full blend of the people involved in the data center efficiency equation. It's great to have all the components together in one place so you get the total picture and then be able to talk to actual end users, the people that drive the facility."
Mark Monroe, Director Sustainable Computing, Sun Microsystems

"I didn't know this show has been here a couple years. I'm a little disappointed I haven't been able to join in the conference earlier, when it might have saved me a lot of time doing the investigative work we had to do to figure out where we need to go. It's a big time saver."
Wally Finley, Principal Data Center Architect, Expedia Inc.

"The DCD events are really important and extremely useful in many ways. They are clearly able to tap into decision makers in the data center space. From my perspective, in terms of trying to communicate to your industry, this is an important venue that allows for that. Also I think it is interesting that the different DCD events in Europe, the US and Asia do recognise that data centers are not operated the same throughout the world. You really do get more of an international flavour from participating in a DCD event."

"From my own perspective, since this is a global industry you really do need a global perspective and certainly DCD helps to achieve that."
Andrew Fanara, Energy Star, USEPA


"It's a focused event with great customers. It's a good audience. We like the one-day event, we like the mulitple tracks they have for the various presentations. It covers a lot of different technologies, industry trends and products."

Herb Villa
Field Technical Manager


"It's been brilliant – fantastic. Why do people come? If you're in the datacentre industry, unless you want to live a very insulated and isolated life, you've got to come to an event like DatacenterDynamics – you can't read it in text books. It's the premier event."
Ed Ansett, Managing Director, EYP Mission Critical Facilities

"DCD has always had a very good blend of what we have to talk about right now, what we will be talking about next year, and what we should be talking about 5 years from now. It's that wide blend over a whole stack of things that really brings us back to DCD every year."
James Dow, CTO, CS Technology


"It is a dedicated conference and being worldwide has raised awareness on specific industry and global issues, complementing and maturing projects. It has done a good job consolidating the issues of the data center industry as a whole."

Sergio Rosengaus
KIO Networks


"Just a quick note to say great delivered both high volume, & high quality which is pretty unique & gave us a very focused show with clients who were there to do business. I think it was our most successful DCD to date, & there is no question DCD has been a contributory factor to the growing recognition & adoption of our technology. Well done to all."
Ross Kennedy, Managing Director, Qhi Group Ltd


"I am an electrical engineer assigned to the SLAC Computation Center and I am in charge of this datacenter power distribution system development and electrical equipment operation.I am an electrical engineer assigned to the SLAC Computation Center and I am in charge of this datacenter power distribution system development and electrical equipment operation. Last year I attended your show in San Francisco and found it extremely useful. Some of the equipment was introduced at DatacenterDynamics San Francisco in 2006 which we recently implemented in our Computation Center. I have your next event on my calendar."
Boris V. Ilinets, P.E., Stanford Linear Accelerator Center