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DatacenterDynamics would like to make more use of its international platform to raise awareness and money for good causes. As an industry we are making great strides forward in the fields of energy efficiency and enabling more sustainable business practices, but as individuals we can always do more to help those people less fortunate than ourselves.


Raising money


DCD Fly-an-Engineer Appeal for Engineers Without Borders
£1406 has been raised at our annual London Conference for EWB-UK in 2012 We also launched an appeal to donate air miles for the EWB-UK, to fund their travels to projects, as this in one of the organisation’s major costs.


DCD developed the ‘Fly-an-Engineer’ appeal in cooperation with EWB-UK in 2013 to support their efforts with donated air-miles and financial support for their international programmes.This year we were able to help engineering students and graduates with their travelling costs to different community projects where their skills are needed.
We would like to offer similar assistance to the international community of EWB / ISF / ESF * organisations to help them remove barriers to development through engineering, so invited other EWB organisations around the world to join the project as well.
Our objective with this appeal is to help fund the travelling costs for Engineers Without Borders, whose organisations around the world collaborate locally to help implementing sustainable engineering solutions for the community.
(*) EWB / ISF / ISF/ ESF: Engineers Without Borders / Ingenieria Sin Fronteras / Ingenierie Sans Frontieres / Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras respectively

SPARKS – The Children Medical Research Charity
£70,682 has been raised for Sparks – The Children's Medical Research Charity at our annual DCD London Awards ceremony since 2007

Sparks Sparks is a British based charity founded by professional sports people who were grateful for their own good health and who wanted to help those who are less fortunate. Their vision is a world where all babies are given the best possible start in life and where a medical condition or disability at birth is not a barrier to opportunity and fulfilment. Their aim is to achieve this by funding high quality medical research that is intended to have a practical and positive effect on the lives of children. Learn more about Sparks and ways you can help by clicking here.


BBC Children in Need
£9,565 was raised at our annual London Conference for the BBC Children in Need appeal in 2008

Children in need BBC Children in Need mission is to make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. They unite and involve society in raising funds and awareness for over 2,600 projects supporting small and large organisations, which empower children and extend their life choices. Learn more about BBC Children in Need and ways you can help by clicking here.

London Youth
£6,990 was raised at our annual London Conference for London Youth in 2011

London Youth London Youth is a vibrant network of almost 400 community organisations –serving 75,000 young people, and their families, in every London borough. London Youth support covers young action and leadership, sports development, employability, the environment, tackling young crime, youth work training, and other such programs. Their mission is to give young people opportunities and voice through development. Learn more about London Youth and ways you can help by clicking here.


£34,118 has been raised to date with our annual DCD Industry Census since 2011

UNICEF The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is a well-known United Nations Programme that provides long-term humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Most of UNICEF's work is in the field, with staff in over 190 countries and territories, working with child survival, protection, development, basic education, HIV/AIDS and other such programs. Learn more about UNICEF and ways you can help by clicking here.