The Early Years

In March 1999 the company made its first foray into the data center market with the publication of Colocation Network Europe. An instant success, this magazine grew in size and frequency rapidly and led to the launch of a sister publication for the US market. The magazine tracked the rise of the colocation and hosting services market, soon to suffer the ravages of the dot-com crash. But the scene had been set for a global growth in data center requirements.

The Phoenix rising out of the Ashes

As the Internet Data Center became an increasing necessity for the growth of enterprise and government sectors so it was time to re-invent CNE with a title worthy, enter ZeroDowntime Magazine. First published in Autumn 2000, ZDT gave a refreshing view on the data center market, discussing all things that had an impact on how we design, build and operate data centers. From applications, to connectivity, the many demand drivers and building requirements were thoroughly explored.

In 2001 a special technical supplement to the magazine was published entitled: 'Heat Dissipation, Density and Prediction' which blew-the-lid off the problem that was to define the data center market for many years to come, among other things introducing technologies such as Computational Fluid Dynamics to the market. The feed back from this supplement was extraordinary (in term of business press) and our response was to organise a live event so that the topic could be discussed in more details - and thus DatacenterDynamics was born.

Building a Global Forum

On 28th October 2002, the day after a severe storm had hit London, 134 members of the UK data center industry (mainly from the ranks of the financial world) converged upon the Grange City Hotel, by the Tower of London. They had come to listen to such luminaries as Dr. Chandrakant Patel of HP Laboratories and Bill Angle of CSTechnology who had crossed the Atlantic to impart their knowledge, joining other experts from the UK and across Europe.

Delegates that attended were impressed enough to suggest that their counterparts in New York would benefit from exposure to such information. The following Spring DatacenterDynamics hit the 'Big Apple' and made its first move in the US market. Seven years later with With 16 established annual conferences in key business cities across EMEA & the Americas, DatacenterDynamics is acknowledged as the definitive event where the leading experts in the field share their insights with the top level datacentre operators in each market.

In 2014 over 25,000 data center professionals attended a DatacenterDynamics event, creating the most powerful forum in the industry today.